About Me

FRANCO ORITI, born in Australia, lived in Sydney and has worked in safeguarding, filing and maintaining Intellectual Property (I. P.) since 1991. University degree in International Political Science obtained at University of Milan, Italy. He is currently working in this capacity in Lugano (CH) after having done so in Milan in Montedison Group and in Notarbartolo & Gervasi and in Lugano in N&G Patent Services. Has many years\\\' experience, throughout the World, in the Renewal of Patents of Invention, Designs, Utility Models, Supplementary Protection of Certificates, Textile Designs, Plant Varieties and Trademarks. Since 1999 Franco takes also care of filings till the grant and maintenance of I. P. in Switzerland. He is registered as an Trademark, Patent and Design Representative before the Swiss Federal Patent Office, also as a European (n.4688) and Italian (n.793M) Trademark and Design Attorney and also as a San Marino Trademark Attorney (n.USBM-078R M). Has very good skills for creating \\\"ad hoc\\\" I. P. Databases for handling Due Dates and Reports. Has an ability to establish plans, for the internal departments of Companies and Patent Firms, to manage costs and reduce expenses for all I. P. maintenance fees and renewals, Worldwide. He was an I. P. Consultant at InnoPark, Manno (Canton Ticino), CH (www.innopark.ch). From March 2015 he is an \\\"IPMA Certified Project Manager\\\", re-certified 2020 Level D, n. IPMA-D-2015-8025/1 (www.vzpm.ch). From May 2016 \\\"Business Partner for I. P.\\\" of Qualicon, Camorino (www.qualiconsulenze.ch). He was an I. P. Coach for StartCup Ticino 2017 (www.startcup-ticino.ch) Languages: English (mother-tongue), Italian (mother-tongue), French (good), German (scholastic) and Russian (scholastic). Since 1998 Italian Red Cross Volonteer.

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